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About Clumsy

My name is Clumsy. I am a Designer, Illustrator, Artist, and Kustomiser, specialising in Rockabilly, Tattoo, Tiki, Macabre and Cute. Here at Big Cartel, you can find my Tattooed Wood Jewellery and art, which is all handmade by me. Each piece is a unique one off original deisgn, burnt into the wood by me, Clumsy! I also "tattoo" furniture, instruments, skateboards, and anything else made from wood! To find out about commissions, please contact me!

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SMALL PRINT: Clumsy items are all hand made from wood. Wood is a natural material and any blemishes and marks in the wood only add to the charm of the Clumsy product. These are not mass produced, machine made products. Trees are very important to me, and without them there would be no wood to Tattoo! Therefore, I always recycle my jiffy bags, so your Clumsy item may arrive in a re-used Jiffy Bag, but it will be all wrapped up and snug and protected.